90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee


If within the first 90 days after the signing of Your Contract between Tovuti and You, You are not completely satisfied, You may cancel your Service(s) and Tovuti will refund, as described in the “Refund” section below, any charges You actually paid to Tovuti and which are not listed as non-refundable below.

Refund: Unless otherwise provided by law, professional services, and any data usage overage fees past the contracted and allowable usage will not be refunded. All refund requests must be in writing from an authorized representative of your firm or organization. All requests for refunds must come on or before the 90 days of the signing of the Contract. All refunds will be made within 60 days of the receipt of a written request. All payments received from Credit cards will receive a refund back to the same credit card. No cash refunds will be made for payments from Credit cards. All refunds requests must be sent via email to refunds@tovutiteam.com

Tovuti LMS Services are provided in accordance with Tovuti's relevant Master Service Agreement (MSA)“ as in effect and changed from time to time; the MSA Agreement can be found online at https://tovutilms.com/msa. All Capitalized words have the meaning given to them in the relevant MSA.

All standard contract conditions and acceptable fees still apply at closing. No waiver of fees, discounts or other incentives may be used in conjunction with this offer unless otherwise agreed to in writing by an authorized Tovuti representative. When subscribing to Tovuti Services, you agree to all other terms and conditions in our MSA Agreement.

The 90-day Satisfaction Guarantee covers the delivery of Software as a Service(s) only and specifically relates to the use of the Tovuti Platform. It does not include any custom or professional services contracted and paid for outside of the use of Our Software. Tovuti may change these terms or discontinue the money-back guarantee at any time without notice.

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