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Published on:
January 13, 2021

Content Library: Pre-Created Content for You

A content library is an online repository for pre-created elearning courses that are available online and ready for usage. It is the central location that stores online learning content - text, audio, video, images, presentations, and more. Your audience can access content once they register for courses on your learning management system (LMS).

In some cases, organizations store course content in the form of hard copies and soft copies stored on computers, disks, and other media. When content is stored in such media, it becomes hard to access or repurpose in the future.

The elearning industry is projected to be worth $15.72 billion by 2021. Educational institutions and corporates are turning to online learning solutions to train their students and employees respectively. As the industry grows, so do emerging technologies that improve service delivery.

Content libraries are an example of such technologies that are giving organizations easy and flexible ways of offering a multitude of courses. Hence, it is up to learning and development (L&D) professionals to leverage these new advancements.

L&D professionals are left confused about whether to create new courses by themselves or acquire custom-developed content. Indeed, each type of content has its benefits but an organization will effectively offer courses to its learners if it adopts a content library.

Some L&D initiatives fail because of the unavailability of training courses. Besides, there are other factors such as reception and user adoption that also contribute to failure. Also, the creation of custom courses is time-consuming and requires heavy investment. As such, not many training initiatives will launch if an organization decides to create its own content.

Content libraries, therefore, provide an easy way of accessing ready-made learning content. A content library contains a vast amount of training materials that are designed with the guidance of subject matter experts.

These libraries are available in many formats including HTML, text, audio, videos, and many more. They are mobile-friendly and cover a variety of topics including soft skills, hard skills, technical knowledge, and trends in digital technology.

Content library is one of the most common elearning topics. For information on other popular elearning topics, visit this page.

Features of a Content Library

Besides the ability to access tons of pre-created content, below are other benefits of elearning content libraries:

  • Training sessions can be offered in a wide variety of competencies.
  • They allow you to store your corporate training sessions.
  • Access to live demonstrations and participatory lessons.
  • Assessments and completion certificates.
  • Practice tests and virtual labs.
  • User engagement metrics and attendance tracking.
  • LMS integration.
  • Access to courses using a variety of devices.

Benefits of a Content Library

Comprehensive: A content library gives you access to thousands of courses in a variety of subjects. If you are looking for a fast way to access vast content touching on various disciplines, a content library is the way to go.

Well-known: In most cases, you will subscribe to a content library that is also being accessed by other elearning providers. When several organizations subscribe to one service it means that the content is trusted and is of high-quality.

Good returns: A content library does not require a heavy budget. The return on investment (ROI) of a content library is high. In comparison, if you create your own custom courses, the returns are lower since they are quite expensive to develop.

Good for small and medium businesses: A content library can benefit a variety of organizations as well as individuals. It can be used to complement custom elearning programs for greater learning impact.

SCORM: A content library is SCORM-compliant. They are designed with SCORM in mind since most online training is delivered via LMS platforms. Learning content should also be compliant with industry regulations and SCORM helps to achieve this.

LMS Integration

Most LMS platforms come with a built-in content library. Due to the time and cost constraints of creating custom content, most LMSs give the learner the option to subscribe to third-party content libraries.

Here at Tovuti LMS, we have partnered with content providers. Our LMS platform allows you to integrate content from these providers into your own courses and lessons. You, therefore, get access to thousands of pre-built courses to suit your training needs.


Content libraries are a quick and cost-effective way of accessing a broad catalogue of content. They can be used to create courses for educational institutions, professional development, and compliance training.

If you are looking for an LMS solution that comes with a content library loaded with courses that meet your training objectives, talk to us today!

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