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How an LMS Is The Best Choice For Employee Training Software

How an LMS Is The Best Choice For Employee Training Software

Modern learning solutions have always been in demand.

Over the last few years, this has escalated to a whole new degree, with remote work becoming the norm, and one thing has become crystal clear:

The old playbook doesn’t work.

You simply can’t rely on inadequate workplace training to cover even your bare-minimum needs, let alone propel your business forward in this age.

But even when you finally accept that you need a better employee training software solution, the eLearning world, with its thousand bells and whistles, can easily overwhelm you.

What options do you have? Which provider can you trust? How do you know what the best call for your business is?

Well, you read this article.

Today, we’ll break down all your employee training questions and explain why an LMS is a right way to go.

What is Employee Training Software?

At its core, employee training software like an LMS (learning management system) is a platform that allows companies to easily create, customize, and administer courses to employees wherever they are, beyond boring slideshows and outdated leaflets.

It supports learning through fun, interactive elements like videos or virtual reality, gamification, goals and milestones, and more for an improved, more engaging employee experience.

On the other teaching end, it makes course creation, progress tracking, and remote management much simpler.

Sounds familiar? It’s not exactly a brand new idea.

Online learning has been slowly but steadily replacing traditional education, infiltrating the corporate learning scene like a well-kept secret of trailblazing companies that recognized its potential.

…and then the pandemic gently nudged it into hyperspeed, as you can probably tell.

For instance, the LMS market size is projected to hit a dizzying $44.49 billion by 2028 thus.

Here are the main employee training platforms you can choose from

Online eLearning platform

What it is

1. Learning management system (LMS)

A platform that hosts and supports eLearning course creation with a set of features that helps companies streamline education, retain employees, and increase profits

2. Learner experience system (LXS)

An LMS-based solution that goes a step further to let multiple users create and share content

3. Learning destination site

A “storefront” site that lets different providers upload and administer courses and handles some eCommerce/logistics for them, like Udemy

4. Custom eLearning platform

Custom employee training solution built from the ground up to fit all company requirements

And now, on to why you should be using them STAT.

Benefits of Employee Training Platforms

Benefits of Employee Training Platforms

The fact that the world put all its hope in employee training and development software (and regular online education) during a global crisis shows how reliable and necessary online systems are compared to their traditional counterparts.

Employee training software is the modern standard in various industries including

  • Healthcare
  • IT
  • Government
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing, and others

Below are just some most significant benefits of eLearning platforms.

Supporting remote learning

The alternative is in-office training which isn’t always possible, practical, or affordable, and let’s face it - preferable.

We’ve seen during the pandemic that a lot of workers have become more, not less, efficient while working from home, so forcing them to return to the office seems a little… excessive, don’t you think?

Online employee training platforms unify teams across time zones so that in-office locals and international remote workers all get the same education and nobody has to study at 2 A.M.

Higher morale? More productive learning sessions? Motivated employees?

Employee eLearning software makes it possible.

Accommodating different learning styles

Contrary to what we’ve all been led to believe, the old standard of classroom attendance-based learning isn’t the only, or the most feasible, learning option out there.

Everyone learns differently. With eLearning, there is no need to set such limits to how and when people can study.

Instead, online employee training systems allow you to encourage employees to learn in a way they’re most comfortable with and maximize their results through

Whether your employees need to accommodate their demanding schedules, prefer self-pacing, want more structure and accountability, or simply better retain shorter strings of information at a time, you can provide the right environment for them.

Accessible and responsive design

These aren’t just buzzwords.

Responsive design means that your site can fit on any screen and ensures that your platform supports eLearning on any device, not just the office desktop.

Why does this matter?

Data shows that 76% of learners access learning platforms from their own devices and those who learn over smartphones complete course materials 45% faster than their desktop-chained colleagues.

Employee training platforms can be accessed from anywhere, using any device, which means your employees won’t miss any opportunities to study.

They might just hop on thereafter, scrolling their social media feeds because it’s right there.

Additionally, responsive design saves you time and money because you don’t have to create separate courses for every device.

Making learning more fun

Don’t think this is trivial. People learn more easily when they’re having fun, and they even remember the material better if they associate it with something funny.

We have the psychological bias called the “humor effect” to thank for this.

Online employee education software makes use of elements like videos, virtual reality, goal setting, reward systems, and more to create an immersive experience and motivate employees.

Gamification alone raises employee engagement by 60%.

But if that doesn’t convince you…

Increasing your revenue

42% of businesses increase their revenue after switching to online employee training.

In fact, companies that facilitate comprehensive employee training programs have 218% higher revenue per employee and increase retention by up to 60%.

In other words, they:

  1. Increase profits by having skilled, well-trained employees
  2. Save even more by not constantly onboarding for the same roles.

That’s data for online learning in general.

But let’s look specifically at LMSs, so we can convince you it’s the best employee training software you can get.

5 Reasons Why LMS is the Best Employee Training Software

Reasons Why LMS is the Best Employee Training Software

Centralized system with all the data in one place

With a learning management system, you have your comprehensive but easily scannable information all in one place. It’s basically like your CRM but for learning.

It gives you a complete performance overview through features like lesson gating, progress tracking, and scoreboards, so you always know how things stand and what needs to be improved next.

LMS can also be integrated with other tools you’re using. Tovuti, for example, is integrated with Zapier to give companies access to thousands of other apps so you don’t have to switch between them or double your data.

It’s all here, two clicks away.

Easiest to manage

Importing, creating, managing, and tracking different courses is made simple and intuitive with a drag and drop editor.

You can create personalized learning paths, teach any number of employees at the same time, and jump on mentoring calls as needed, even if you’re working remotely and have never seen your employees in person.

And if the technical side of it ever tests your patience, you have a support team to virtually hold your hand and walk you through it.

SCORM compliance lets you choose your platform

SCORM compliance is a quick way of saying you’re not tied to your chosen online training platform.

This certificate essentially means that your courses meet a certain technical standard that’s supported by most LMS systems, which enables you to share the content between them.

For your company, this means freedom.

You’re not tied to the first provider you choose - if your employee training programs are SCORM compliant, you can migrate to any platform that supports this standard without losing any content.

Flexible to accommodate your needs

You and your employees dictate the pace with asynchronous and synchronous learning styles, microlearning, learning paths, personalization, and plenty of engagement-increasing features.

To take it a step further, LMS white-labeling can make your employee online training programs really look and feel like you built them from scratch.

It may seem like a branding gimmick, but connecting eLearning to your company has its benefits:

  • It stresses how much you value employee learning
  • Builds it into your brand
  • Increases employee engagement and loyalty to your company
  • Incentivizes employees to perform better as they see a direct correlation between the courses and their jobs

Do we really need to keep going?

Quick and easy deployment with expert help

Finally, great LMSs are easy to use.

Tovuti offers pre-made templates plus expert training to help you get on your feet fast, plus you get to import pre-made courses or create new material with zero coding skills.

But even the systems that have a bigger learning curve pay off in the long run as long as you pick the right provider.

And that’s really the point anyway.

Your employee education software has to be able to sustain your company as it grows and changes, or the whole thing can backfire and stifle you instead.

But we’ll get to the good ones in a bit. We have one more thing to settle first.

5 Ways Online Training Software for Employees Improves Businesses

Ways Online Training Software for Employees Improves Businesses

Okay, okay, you humored us and read all about the features (or did you?), but we have to give you something more now.

If we’re going to convince you this is important, you need to see some concrete results, as in, what those cutting-edge capabilities actually do for employees and your business aside from making you look fashionable.

We hear you. Here’s what you can expect from the best employee training software:

Online training software benefits

How it improves business

1. Productivity

Eliminates extra work around the logistics and helps you streamline your employee education. They learn more and better as a result.

2. Engagement

Interactive elements and gamification increase employee engagement because they make learning more fun.

3. Motivation

Role-specific education focused on skill building shows your employees their work is important and incentivizes them to do it well.

4. Accessibility

Online training software supports different learning styles, needs, times, and circumstances so all employees can take advantage of it.

5. Retention

Providing modern and consistent learning experiences shows your employees you care about their development and makes them stick around longer.

These apply for eLearning across the board, really.

In terms of corporate day-to-day, an LMS can shape your employees’ relationship to your company and their ability to do their jobs.

Let’s explore how and why.

5 Elements of Corporate Employee Online Training

Elements of Corporate Employee Online Training

To put it simply, these are the areas of demand that you can meet to make everyone’s life easier and your workplace more enjoyable with employee learning software.

1. On-the-job training

There are officially too many tasks we’re all expected to do in our limited 24-hour day.

Expectations and pressure are at an all-time high and sacrifices have to be made daily, whether it’s canceling on friends, sleeping an hour less, or slacking off at work to conserve energy.

If you expect your employees to learn all you need them to know, here’s a tip: don’t expect them to do it in their own already stretched-thin time.

They won’t. Or they will, and they will suffer more and eventually leave.

No, what you and your employees need is efficient on-the-job training.

Employees prefer learning from more experienced colleagues and mentors as part of their workday anyway and see corporations that invest in their education as great workplaces.

2. Consistent learning

Your one-off uniform welcome presentation doesn’t count as education. But even if you changed it to a modern, interactive learning experience, it wouldn’t be enough.

In 2022 and going forward, employees want consistent learning opportunities to help them grow, build skills, retain what they’re taught, and develop into experienced professionals.

Which, once again, means your employee education system has to be sustainable.

It has to work like a well-oiled machine without a single rusty cog out of place unless you’re ok with risking losing valuable data and lowering your performance.

You must show that you’re better than that.

Because, if you aren’t, your employees are. Don’t just let them go like that. ☹️

3. Role-specific skill-building

Employee training has to be focused.

Amanda in marketing doesn’t need to know the details of sales’ Dave’s daily tasks. She only needs the sales insights that directly impact her marketing objectives, so making her learn about any extras is a waste of her time.

You know, the time she could be spending developing relevant skills and hitting her targets like the marketing rockstar she is.

Making your employees learn everything about everything only demotivates them. But that’s exactly how traditional stuffy presentations work.

With an LMS, you can curb this problem and encourage everyone to zero in on their own business by teaching them the right skills.

But what about compliance training?

  1. LMS has that covered
  2. The same rule applies: every employee has to be aware of the regulations, laws, and internal policies relevant to their jobs

And no unsolicited extras.

4. Progress tracking and mentoring

Nothing like an LMS to give you a full 360 overview of your company.

You can see:

  • What slows you down
  • How to overcome it
  • How your employees are doing
  • Where you could help them

…all on a pretty dashboard and in real-time.

A company is only as strong and successful as its employees, so it’s up to you to support them any way you can before they’re tempted to find someone who will.

5. Making employee education inclusive

Finally, anyone can make a social media post about disability or say their company is inclusive.

With employee learning software, you’re prepared to accommodate and support everyone on your teams, abled or disabled, in-office or remote, with different learning needs and preferences.

Try it and see how having happy, motivated employees transforms your business.

3 Best Employee Training Platforms Software

Best Employee Training Platforms Software

Before we get into it, a little disclaimer:

There are many employee training platforms and we couldn’t possibly cover all them today - which doesn’t mean they wouldn’t work for you.

These are just our favorites we can safely recommend due to their proven track records. We wanted to include an option for businesses with different requirements and various sizes.

So here are some honorable mentions in case you’re curious about what else is out there:

  1. SAP Litmos
  2. Cornerstone
  3. Absorb LMS
  4. Talent LMS
  5. iHasco

And now for the top three.

1. Tovuti

tovuti lms

Tovuti is one of the most cost-effective, well-rounded employee training software solutions you’ll find, in our not-too-humble opinion.

What sets it apart from your average commercial LMS is the fact that it adapts to your company’s requirements.

Instead of pushing generic features and letting you decide if that’s good enough, Tovuti goes the extra mile to assess your specific needs and molds around them like a memory foam pillow for your sore neck.

create online employee training


That could be us.

But maybe even more impressive considering its flexibility is the ease of use that comes with this platform.

Usually, companies get to choose between simple but generic, somewhat limited options and highly-customizable but complicated or expensive alternatives.

Not with this LMS!

Tovuti doesn’t require a tech department to be set up quickly and you get to keep your authoring tools, white-labeling, and other key features.

That makes it suitable for companies of all sizes, on all ends.

And if you do need any sort of assistance, our teams are always ready for you. Don’t believe us? Our client testimonials can speak for themselves:

tovuti testimonial

But what if I don’t have enough time to manage the system or create online employee training?

No problem - Tovuti can do it for you as a professional service.

2. Docebo

docebo homepage screenshot


Docebo is a comprehensive, enterprise-level solution that scales with your company.

And we really mean enterprise-level because their clients include giants like Netflix and Walmart.

The range of features they offer could be overwhelming for businesses on the smaller end, though.

But this is a well-known and loved LMS because it streamlines the often overly-complicated world of eLearning and offers some employee training-specific options like

  • Onboarding
  • Compliance training
  • Engagement tracking
  • White-labeling
  • AI-powered suggestions/validations, etc.

If you’re a big corporation looking for SCORM-compliant software that can keep up, Docebo is the one.

3. Moodle

moodle homepage screenshot


Do you have an exact vision for your employee training platform that you can’t quite fit into “the box?”

A highly customizable, open-source LMS system would be just what you need to play with your options, bring everything together, and realize your idea.

If that’s the case, take a look at Moodle.

This software has unparalleled customizability and has the potential to be anything you can imagine for your platform, as long as you have the tech-savvy or a team of professionals to configure it for you.

That’s the drawback of these types of systems.

The sky's the limit - but at the price of quick and easy deployment and out-of-the-box features that other employee training platforms will have at the ready.

It all boils down to your needs. If you can afford to give it a shot and hold off on the rewards a little longer, this could be well worth your investment in the long run.

And the long run is what it’s all about.

Set Your Employees Up For Success With an LMS

Set Your Employees Up For Success With an LMS

The benefits of eLearning are too significant to be ignored by forward-facing businesses.

Actually, scratch that. Any business that hopes to retain its talent and increase its revenue should already be using an employee eLearning platform like an LMS.

It’s a leap of faith, we know.

Especially if you’re leaping from a 10-year-old leaflet and two presentations a year to a modern platform for employee education.

We’d love to help you get there. If you’re ready for an upgrade but not sure about your decision just yet, our LMS buyer’s guide has got you covered.

But if you are ready, watch our demo video to learn more about how Tovuti can meet your employee training needs.

Tyson Chaplin

Tyson Chaplin earned his Master of Educational Technology degree from Boise State University in 2014. He also earned a graduate certificate in Technology Integration and holds teaching certificates in online teaching, special education, and history.

Tyson is an Idaho native who is passionate about technology and how it can help all people learn and better themselves. He has worked in both public and private sectors. Tyson enjoys cooking and traveling with his wife, Malia, and restores vintage video game systems in his free time.

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