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Published on:
September 2, 2022

The best way to get ahead is to give back!

I'm sure across the globe, there has to be a special day designed to show respect and honor those workers who have helped businesses achieve their goals and aided in creating innovative tools, processes and products for their communities and companies alike. In America, this day is called Labor Day. 

The holiday recognizes our great American workers' social and economic achievements. It's a time when employers and organizations are to take a moment and thank those team members who have helped businesses achieve their dreams, advance their initiatives, and truly give more than expected. 

Yes, the Labor Day weekend is often filled with BBQing, river floating, and family time. But, at its core, it is meant to say thanks. We at Tovuti Team want to thank all employees, partners, and learners across the globe! Thank you for being willing to work, stay focused, and give your time! Each of you demonstrates what it means to be a part of a team and how to work to achieve a collective goal. You are valued, respected, and appreciated. 

As you enter this weekend, we at Tovuti want you to know you are an inspiration to your children, family, and friends. We want to uplift you by saying thank you! And as you serve yourself with another plate of BBQ or maybe an extra hour of sleep, please know this–it's yours, not because you deserve it. But, because you have truly earned it! 

Enjoy, Be Safe and Be Moyo!

Troy McClain | CEO

Troy McClain
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