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Published on:
April 20, 2021

Tovuti Wins 2021 Best Place to Work in Idaho

At Tovuti, culture is everything.

And culture includes accountability to the team! Without the amazing men and women who make up Tovuti and who strive to uphold our values each and every day, we would not have the incredible culture that we do.. 

Our team lives to Inspire, Uplift, and Serve and thrives on giving back to others on a daily basis. These principles lead us in supporting each other both in and outside of the work environment. When one member of the team succeeds, we all succeed. If a person fails, we all take it on ourselves, moving swiftly to correct and find the solution together! Our goal is to view what others may call negative as an “opportunity to learn and grow”.  

The unprecedented challenges presented by Covid in Idaho and around the world this past year provided the team at Tovuti an opportunity to truly test our proven principles of teamwork. As the world walked through an isolated environment and faced many obstacles, Tovuti and Team stood strong! Armed with our core values and strong principles we banded together as a team and focused our attention on our positive culture. We put into action our Inspire, Uplift and Serve attitude and provided both quality time and outcomes for our clients and team members alike!  

And in the end, it made a difference.

New team members quickly learned that our Tovuti culture transcends Zoom meetings and that our collective application of inspiration, humor and fellowship does in fact translate on video calls! As a team, we have never laughed harder. Whether it was new team members of Tovuti or seasoned veterans, the amazing experiences shared first hand truly highlighted our team’s dedication to our culture and proven principles! 

Tovuti is more than honored to have earned the title of being Idaho’s #1 Best Place to Work for the second year in a row and wants to fully give credit to each employee who has dedicated themselves to the Tovuti Way. 

Thank you for living our culture, Tovuti Team!

Jakob Krause

Jakob Krause is Tovuti’s Client Account Services Director! He, and the Projects Team, specialize in bringing a client’s vision for their site’s content and design into reality. He is an ardent life-long learner with years of customer service and management experience that he draws from to better serve Tovuti’s amazing clients. Jakob is also a writer, a reader, and a struggling coffee addict. He spends most of his free time on long walks with his wife. And, yes, he believes in aliens.

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