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Report Builder


Build custom reports on everything from learner performance to events and payments. View in aggregate or drill down, choose fields, organize views and even add filters and calculations.

Report Builder

Building custom reports in Tovuti is a snap with Tovuti’s Report Builder. To build a report in Tovuti, go to the admin side of the system and click on the Reports tab, now click on Report Builder and then click the New button. 

Give your report a name, select a theme, and choose the report type. Now click on all of the metrics you would like to pull into your report. You can also use custom fields that you’ve created and finally, you can filter the report based on user group. Now click Save. 

Once you’ve saved your report you can click the Run Report button to generate your report. Now you can manipulate your columns like this and click this button to add filters and formulas to the report. You can also save the view you’ve created so you don’t have to redo these steps each time you run the same report. When you are finished, you can export to Excel and PDF.

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