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Reward your learners by allowing them to earn certifications and showcase them on their profile.


Tovuti has a very handy way to automate that process for you and give your learners certificates they will be proud to hang on their walls. 

The first step in setting up certificates is to go into the Awards tab in the admin side of the system and click on Certificate Designer. Here you will build out what the certificate says and how it looks. You can upload your own background image and you can also create dynamic fields that will fill themselves out automatically as soon as a certificate is earned. From here, you go to Badges & Certificates. Here you will fill out the details of the certificate to be awarded, link the certificate to the one you just made in the designer, and set the conditions that must be met in order for the certificate to be earned. 

Once an employee has earned a certificate, they will be able to see it on their transcript, user profile, and learner dashboard. 

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