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Integrated Course Content Library


Opt in to purchases a subscription to our third-party course library featuring thousands of pieces of pre-built content, and then add them in bulk as courses or lessons within seconds.

Integrated Course Content Library

Tovuti has partnerships with content providers and can integrate their pre-built content into your own courses and lessons.

After purchasing your content licenses from a Tovuti representative, simply go to the admin side of the platform and select the learning tab. From here click on Content Library and select the prebuilt modules you wish to use.

When you’re finished choosing your modules click the Import button. You will now decide if you want to make each module its own course or one course with each module as an individual lesson. If you select a course with lessons, you will then choose a course that you’ve already created or build a new course and give it a name and assign it to a category. Then click Import.

You’re done! The prebuilt modules have been imported from the Content Library and a new course is waiting for you.

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