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Media Library


Tovuti's Media Library is a great place to store employee handbooks, technical documentation, one-off videos and other items that don't need to be inside of a lesson but you still want learners to be able to access.

Media Library

Sometimes you have media assets that don’t fit inside of a lesson but you still need your learners to be able to access them. These may be items like employee handbooks, technical documentation, or release notes. This is where Tovuti’s Media Library comes in. 

Tovuti’s Media Library was designed for administrators to house random media assets and organize them in a way that is easily accessible by their learners. Items that can go into the Media Library include videos, links from external sources, PDFs, and audio files. 

Items in the Media Library can also be categorized and are easily searchable making it the perfect place for learners to go to consume important information quickly.

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