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SCORM Compliance


Import your SCORM files into your content library and use them to create lessons and/or courses.

Help Articles:

If you have content that you’ve built in a third party course authoring software and want to bring it into Tovuti, you can! Tovuti is compatible with SCORM 1.2 and 2004. 

To upload your SCORM modules into Tovuti, simply go to the learning tab, select SCORM Library, and then click New. Now give your module a name and upload it in this field. 

Once you’ve added your modules to the SCORM Library, you can include them in a Tovuti course or lesson by going into a lesson, giving it a name, selecting the course it will live in from the Lesson Course dropdown, and then instead of going to Content and Activities, select Content Libraries. Toggle the Use Content Library field to yes and then choose SCORM Library from the dropdown. Now choose the SCORM module you want to include in the lesson. 

Now your SCORM lesson is live and accessible to your learners!

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