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Many organizations have too many users coming and going for it to make sense to have administrators manually add each one of them to Tovuti. That’s why Single Sign On or SSO exists! SSO lets your back office system talk to Tovuti and communicate what users have access to the system, who they are, and what user group they belong to.

One of the industry leaders in SSO integration is OneLogin and Tovuti is happy to provide out of the box integration with the OneLogin platform. OneLogin makes setting up Single Sign On for your organization easy and the way that OneLogin works with Tovuti is also very simple.

Utilizing OneLogin as your Single Sign On solution also boosts your organization’s security through encrypted tokenization. This is something that is bound to make your cybersecurity team happy!

When Tovuti and OneLogin join forces, nothing can stop your learners seamlessly working in your organization’s back office and Tovuti. No need to enter multiple usernames and passwords each time you access the system because OneLogin and Tovuti do that for you.

OneLogin simplifies identity management with secure, one-click access, for employees, customers and partners, through all device types, to all enterprise cloud and on-premises applications. OneLogin enables IT identity policy enforcement, and instantly disables app access for employees who leave or change roles in real time by removing them from Active Directory. Take control over application access, quickly on- and off-board team members, and provide end users with easy access to all their apps on every device. Extend your on-premises security model to the cloud in minutes. Eliminate the pain and expense of extensive identity policy management. OneLogin reduces identity infrastructure costs and complex integration project for each new app and efficiently extends identity policy to the cloud. OneLogin eliminates the need for lengthy integration and provisioning projects, manual de-provisioning, protracted on- and off-boarding processes, username and password resets, and Shadow IT policing.

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