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Tovuti Open API

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Tovuti Open API

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Tovuti Open API
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While Tovuti does a ton of cool stuff, it can’t do everything. That is why Tovuti has an open API that allows your team to build connections between Tovuti and countless third party platforms that your organization may be using.

Tovuti’s API has two major functions. Developers can pull activity data directly from the system to be utilized by another app, such as an HRIS. Tovuti also lets other applications push data into the system such as new users, new user groups or teams, even course assignments!

If you would like to see all of Tovuti’s API offerings, simply go to api.tovuti.io to view documentation for every API point for the system. Tovuti’s API documentation even lets developers test various API points to ensure they will work with their software.

And if you don’t see an API point that you’re looking for, check back later because Tovuti is constantly building out new API offerings. Let Tovuti’s API help you integrate Tovuti even deeper into your organization’s software ecosystem.

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