Aaron Vick

Aaron Vick

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Head of Sales

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Job Description

Aaron is responsible for architecting Tovuti's sales strategy and building out a team of Account Executives and SDR's across enterprise and mid-market sales. He takes a collaborative approach by working cross-departmentally with marketing, product, engineering and experience teams while he focuses on pipeline management, creating sales efficiencies and evangelizing the Tovuti Product suite.


Aaron Vick, Tovuti's Head of Sales, started his career on the media and advertising side. He attended Albertson College with a degree in Business Administration and focuses in Finance, Management and Marketing. He has worked with some of the most successful fitness brands in the Sports Nutrition space including Bodybuilding.com and Ghost Lifestyle. Aaron is the lucky father to twin girls and an even luckier husband to his wife Linsey. Aaron enjoys recreational sports, dividend investing, performance marketing and gaming.

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