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Alek Jetsel

Alek Jetsel

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Technical Writer

Job Description

As Technical Writer Alek is responsible to tell the Tovuti product story from overview to how-to. Alek works with Tovuti Design, Client Enablement and Tovuti Unversity to ensure the Tovuti product is well understood and adopted at all levels.


Alek Jetesel knows that effective communication is the first step to customer and company success. Alek earned a degree in International Relations from BYU Idaho in 2019 and has since managed the brand communication for the B2B branch of a local Meridian company. There, he learned the importance of creating efficient writing without sacrificing comprehension and detail. He looks forward to bringing that experience to the Technical Writer position that he will fill here at Tovuti. In his free time, he enjoys lifting weights, playing basketball, and spending time with his family who also lives in Meridian.

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