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Alex London

Alex London

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Onboarding Manager

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As Onboarding Manager, Alex has the opportunity to guide all clients' entry into implementing Tovuti. This includes match-making coaches to clients, overseeing the progress of client learning, and leading the coaching team in improving client coaching experience from client feedback and success. She also leads the development of coaches utilizing their very own Tovuti platforms. Our ongoing training ensures that we equip all the best tools to assist you!


Alex London proudly leads the Coaching Team at Tovuti. Her background in nonprofit development, customer service, and event planning give her a wide range of agile skills to help Tovuti’s clients succeed. Outside of work, Alex enjoys spending time with her husband Jake and their pets, reading, and baking. Her nickname is Marvel as a result of her “avenger” themed site and great work being a superhero for her team members and clients.

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