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Doralynn McClain

Doralynn McClain

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Dora Dora
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Dora Lynn

Chief Inspiration Mentor / Cleaning Engineer

Job Description

Doralynn's big brother says she is an engineer in cleaning but she thinks she is better at cleaning than an engineer. Doralynn loves to help keep the office clean so her friends feel safe and love coming to work and visiting her. Steve is her cleaning partner and they also make sure everyone is getting enough to eat and drink so they can help make the office fun and so we can all be happy. Doralynn makes everyone happy in the office because she cleans and teaches them new sign language words. When someone needs a friend she is that too. :-) At Tovuti, Doralynn is everyone's friend.


Dora Lynn McClain was the true inspiration for the entire Tovuti Platform! Born in Barrow Alaska and a proud member of the Inuit tribe which extends across the Circumpolar of Northern Alaskan, Canada, and Greenland. Dora is the youngest sister of our Founder Troy Mcclain. Dora Lynn is blessed with being a Special Olympian and armed with special abilities that allow her to bring love, energy and smiles to all she meets. Dora serves as our #1 inspiration for the building the platform and as our lead cleaning engineer. Be sure when you meet this amazing young lady your day will be brighter and your perspective on life with be illuminated.

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