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Elijah Roberts

Elijah Roberts

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Cloud Engineering Architect

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As Tovuti, a Cloud Engineering Architect's job is to design and implement high available and fault tolerant cloud applications. This requires a passion for uptime, automation, security, and helping developers deploy their applications. Our goals include ensuring that Tovuti is always available for our clients, and ensure that our development team has the tools they need to build and maintain the Tovuti platform.


Elijah Roberts is a DevSecOps Engineer, with experience in on-premise and cloud architecture. Elijah holds multiple certifications related to the cloud, and devops tooling including AWS Solutions Architect Associate, and Terraform Associate certifications. Elijah uses his experience to aid the Tovuti engineering team in improving application architecture, and deployment strategies. Elijah also has a heavy focus on security, and ensuring that security best practices are implemented at all levels of our engineering teams development workflow.

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