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Hayden Danielson

Hayden Danielson

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Onboarding Coach

Job Description

As an onboarding coach, Hayden is responsible for training new clients how to use Tovuti!. Within our coaching calls we assist you to build out your first course, design and learning paths to learn the building blocks of the Tovuti platform. We lead your team in fostering Confidence in your Tovuti Instance and ensure that you have the right resources to transform your platform into a site of your own!


Hayden Danielson is one of our Onboarding Coaches here at Tovuti! He received his dual bachelor’s degrees in Marketing and Business Administration, with a minor in Management, from Northwest Nazarene University. Hayden enjoys fishing, hunting, hiking, and pretty much anything else that gets him outdoors alongside his beautiful wife! Additionally, his top strengths are that he is adaptable, collaborative, and enthusiastic. Having been a part of the Tovuti family for some time now, he really gets a kick out of being on a team that exemplifies our motto to Inspire, Uplift, and Serve those around us!

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