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Heather Miller

Heather Miller

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Senior Sales Engineer

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As an onboarding coach, Heather is responsible for training new clients how to use Tovuti!. Within our coaching calls we assist you to build out your first course, design and learning paths to learn the building blocks of the Tovuti platform. We lead your team in fostering Confidence in your Tovuti Instance and ensure that you have the right resources to transform your platform into a site of your own!


Heather Miller is a driven and ambitious leader with progressive experience in healthcare administration in the medical education regulatory industry, and now Learning Management Sytems. As one of Tovuti's experience coaches, Heather enables technology to pivot and enhance strategies, coach clients, and motivate organizational improvement to exceed prior client outcomes. Her track record includes managing 24/7 emergency compliance situations impacting 20 healthcare facilities, greater than 35k physicians, and approximately 200k patients due to 2018 and 2019 wildfires, blizzards, floods, or earthquakes. All patients and staff were safe, which simply strengthened her excitement to overcome any challenge using education and technology as the tool to help people.

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