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Jakob Krause

Jakob Krause

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Professional Services Manager

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As the Project Manager at Tovuti, Jakob's role is to efficiently and successfully lead our client’s design or content projects to the finish line. He is your Tovuti point of contact throughout the entire process! From procuring required materials, providing updates, answering any questions, to reviewing the final product at completion, his goal is to lead each and every project to success.


Jakob Krause is Tovuti’s Project Manager! He, and the Projects Team, specialize in bringing a client’s vision for their site’s content and design into reality. He is an ardent life-long learner with years of customer service and management experience that he draws from to better serve Tovuti’s amazing clients. Jakob is also a writer, a reader, and a struggling coffee addict. He spends most of his free time on long walks with his wife. And, yes, he believes in aliens.

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