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Jim Liriano

Jim Liriano

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Quality Assurance Engineer

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I started in the Finance industry as I aspired to be an accountant pursuing my Business Degree as a lover of all things Math. After graduating however, I pivoted from a business career into more of a researcher where I worked various positions in accounting, finance, academia and blue-collar work most recently making bowling balls until I found my calling in mixing all of my past work together into being the software developer I've worked on since March 2021 that I am today. I enjoy constantly pushing myself mentally, always learning and teaching others something new every opportunity I can as one of my biggest passions in life. When I am not learning or reading, I enjoy all sports, including playing basketball! I also love playing/watching chess casually (as I used to play competitively during my middle school days), and spending time with my two cats, Cinnamon and Peony. When I have time to myself in between, I fit in various video games otherwise!

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