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John Galloway

John Galloway

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John Galloway, Tovuti’s Chief of Staff has worked in the worlds of finance, operations, human resources, sales and development. Fresh out of college, adventure called, and he moved to Alaska with his first job in banking and finance. From there, a new adventure shouted his name when he moved to Wyoming to be a part of a commodities company. Within that company, he was transferred to Idaho where much of his family lives. John earned his MBA from Northwest Nazarene University and transitioned to a career in Human Resources shortly after. It was after he took the job in Human Resources that he found the love of his life, Ashley. (No they didn’t meet at work!) They have a young son, but love to travel and explore lots of different places both domestically and internationally. They are always looking for great new areas to explore together, so if you have any hidden gems, please share!

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