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Justin Howe

Justin Howe

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Senior Software Engineer

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Justin Howe is a Senior Software Engineer at Tovuti, who has spearheaded such major projects as integrating Zoom into our Virtual Classroom system and building out and documenting our API. He also helps the team out whenever he can on a variety of issues, and doing his part to help move Tovuti forward towards its goals using his 8 years of experience in professional software development and a natural affinity for solving problems and creativity.


Justin Howe is a Senior Software Engineer and is an avid outdoorsman who loves to fish, camp, hike out in the deep woods and occasionally hunt (mostly game birds right now). Justin has a variety of hobbies outside of my awesome job at Tovuti, including researching genealogy, studying music, playing and listening to music, reading sci-fi and fantasy books (esp. Tolkien and Douglas Adams), watching Dr. Who, fixing things around the house, cooking and keeping organized. He strong ties to Norway, Ireland and Great Britain due to a strong family history in those countries, and his paternal great-grandfather was born in Skien, Norway. Justin has two wonderful, beautiful and smart daughters and a lovely, loving and very patient wife!

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