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Lorena Allred

Lorena Allred

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El Camino
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Senior Experience Manager

Job Description

As your Tovuti Sr. Experience Manager, Lorena works to help you succeed. Consider her your advocate; she support your needs when it comes to your service, your experience or your subscription. Lorena look forward to having conversations with you and getting to know you and learn how you want to use your Tovuti platform. From there, she can make recommendations on additional services that could be available, collaborate with members of our team to problem solve any issues, and get you answers you need. You are part of our Tovuti Family! Lorena want to make sure you are happy and healthy, it is her great joy to work with our clients each and every day.


Lorena Allred is Tovuti’s Sr. Experience Manager. She has been a trainer in every job she has held, whether it was in the entertainment industry, financial services arena, or for a global direct selling company: Tovuti is a natural fit! Lorena understands the importance of customer service and user experience and brings possible solutions to Tovuti’s clients in her role. You may notice that she has a bit of a Disney bug when you see her working from her home office.

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