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Lyndsey Guerrero

Lyndsey Guerrero

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Senior Account Manager

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As your Tovuti Account Manager, I work to help you succeed. Consider me your advocate; I support your needs when it comes to your service, your experience or your subscription. I look forward to having conversations with you and getting to know you and learn how you want to use your Tovuti platform. From there, I can make recommendations on additional services that could be available, collaborate with members of our team to problem solve any issues, and get you answers you need. You are part of our Tovuti Family! I want to make sure you are happy and healthy, it is my great joy to work with our clients each and every day.


Lyndsey Guerrero joins the team with an extensive background in non-profits, entertainment, and hospitality. After completing her undergraduate degree at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in Kinesiology, she continued to develop her knowledge of people-oriented business through working as an executive administrator and project manager in various industries. Lyndsey's mission statement in life is to help individuals see and reach their full potential. She is excited to expand on that mission with Tovuti's amazing client base! In her free time, you can find Lyndsey exploring new cities to find the best coffee shop with her husband Ben, working on their own coffee business, playing live music, going on adventures with her family, or hanging out at home in Elk Grove, CA with Ben and their 5 chickens!

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