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Robert White

Robert White

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Support Engineer

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As a Support Engineer at Tovuti, my job and pleasure is ensuring that we take care of our customers as best as we can, and delivering World-Class service to them! We support our coworkers and help brainstorm ideas for bringing our customer’s dreams to life, with the hope we can make your day the best it can be after reaching out to Tovuti Support!


Having been raised in Idaho for the past 21 years, I have come to love the beautiful nature and wonderful opportunities that have been provided. That being said, most of my time has been spent working with and using computers. Technology has been a passion of mine since a young age leading me to pursue and obtain a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. While not working, you can find me outside enjoying the weather, playing video games, or figuring out why someone’s email isn’t working properly (with a smile)!

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