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Troy McClain

Troy McClain

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Chief Executive Officer & Founder

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Troy's role as founder and CEO is simple.

1. Ensure all clients receive a superior experience in every phase of their adventure with us by confirming each team member loves their career, lives our principles, and is dedicated to inspire, uplift and serve with honest, moral and ethical business practices.

2. Know what’s most important to our clients, for our industry and stay connected to tomorrow as it relates to education and outside world.

3. Passionately share ideas and actively learn from our clients, our team and other great educators.

4. Live our values so to give our team permission to collaborate innovate and create solutions by applying our principles on a daily basis.

5. Uncover business barriers that slow success and remove them.

6. Identify clear objectives then give the freedom to achieve them.

7. Remove ceilings so our team has enough head height to grow and creative room to make great decisions without limitations.

8. Invest in people over processes and reward outcomes over activities.

9. Create clarity and transparency at all levels of Tovuti

10. Challenge the team daily by asking hard questions and rewarding honest answers that solve real issues.


As the CEO and Founder of Tovuti LMS I must admit being in love with learning has been a part of my entire life. After my youngest sister came into my life I discovered a whole new way of learning. She is blessed with special needs and has the unique ability to hear others with her heart as she is also profoundly deaf. I began my business career in training because I was inspired by her ability to communicate in non-traditional methods. By the mid 2000's I was an international consultant and training expert assisting senior level management and founders in creating award winning team building methods that would increase retention, decrease risk and improve overall transfer of knowledge By 2016 the requests for training methods and courses in the areas compliance, career advancement and continual education was becoming increasingly to demanding to deliver. After studying several modalities of learning and current pedagogical paths being taught in corporate and school alike I discovered the need for synchronistic and A-synchronistic training environment that could live in an online ecosystem. This ecosystem needed to Intrigue and pull the learners in first then reward the learner for their achievements. Employing my kid sister as the baseline tester our team set out to create an Infotainment, people centric platform that would Inspire, Uplift and serve learners and leaders alike. Today I am the humbled CEO and founder of a global learning brand that is managed by an incredible team of cause driven go givers who love their careers and Tovuti's cause.

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