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It’s no secret that employees today want remote jobs. We looked at a survey of 43,000 businesses to see which jobs are going remote the most.

10 jobs with the most remote work opportunities

Remote work is more common now than ever with over 10% of civilian workers working remotely in 2022. Employees report greater satisfaction with remote work and surprisingly, increased productivity. Much of this is due to improved work-life balance and flexible work schedules. This paired with employees no longer having to devote hours to commuting makes telework very attractive to workers today. 

To get a better understanding of the growth in remote work, we reviewed data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Requirements 2022 Survey, which surveyed 43,000 businesses. It reveals a growing trend in businesses offering remote work and the top industries that do. Here’s the ten jobs that offer the most remote work opportunities.

10. Project management specialists

Jobs that involve telework: 60.5%

Project management specialists help managers and their teams meet company baselines and goals. Some specialists have extensive knowledge of state and federal employment regulations and can examine an organization's human resources procedures. Others can analyze invoices and funds to determine if enough money is available for projects or develop new processes and workflows while improving existing ones.LEARN


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9. Computer and information systems managers

Jobs that involve telework: 61.2%

Modern companies rely heavily on computers and internet communications and need them to be secure and reliable. Computer and information systems managers handle the details of keeping these vital machines and networks running smoothly.

They ensure proper cybersecurity protocols are in place and troubleshoot problems that arise. They're detail-oriented and oversee the work of other computer system analysts, software developers, internet security analysts, and computer support specialists. Additionally, they find areas where computer systems can be updated, and plan for short and long-term computer needs.

8. Lawyers

Jobs that involve telework: 61.6%

Not every lawyer spends all day in court. And even if they do, many civil court proceedings are now available through virtual platforms, making it easier for more lawyers to work remotely. Long before the pandemic began, one law firm launched with no physical offices; it is now one of the 200 top-grossing law firms in the country.

For international work, many countries have reciprocity agreements that allow lawyers in one nation to serve clients in another. A lawyer can operate remotely without issue with secure communications systems to ensure client confidentiality.

7. Software developers

Jobs that involve telework: 62.4%

Software developers look at each piece of a software system like a puzzle, designing each section and determining how they fit together.

Developers help an organization maintain compliance with industry and legal standards and document every aspect of a software system, including system errors and their fixes, creating a template for future maintenance. And they present models and diagrams to show programmers the software code needed for a particular application.


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6. Management analysts

Jobs that involve telework: 63.1%

A management analyst gets the call when a company needs an efficiency update. These analysts evaluate operations to help their clients boost revenue and reduce costs. Part of that process involves interviewing staff, which they can do remotely, along with reviewing the company's financial records.

The analyst recommends changes once they have completed the assessment. While some analysts work for the organization they advise, much of this work is contractual.

5. Architectural and civil drafters

Jobs that involve telework: 64.7%

Those with an advanced degree in architecture, engineering, or construction management and a healthy dose of creativity may be well-positioned for remote work. Depending on a drafter's experience level, a typical day might include developing detailed plans and drawings for commercial buildings and construction projects. Those projects can consist of essential highways and sewage disposal systems, and drafters must conduct extensive research about any technical aspect that could impact designs.

In addition, the drafter must include the cost, volume, and quantity of materials needed. When designs are complete, they must explain the drawings to the building team and adjust them when necessary.

4. Market research analysts and marketing specialists

Jobs that involve telework: 65.7%

Before an organization launches an advertising campaign, it brings on a market research analyst to save time and money. Analysts thoroughly research regional, local, and internet markets to determine a product's or service's viability. With that insight, analysts can figure out how well a product will sell or how a campaign will perform.

By comparing competitors' tactics, they can develop more effective marketing approaches. Additionally, they will often find ways for a company to improve its products' standing in online search rankings to gain more visibility.

3. Software quality assurance analysts and testers

Jobs that involve telework: 74.4%

Software quality assurance analysts and testers develop ways to look closely at software systems and identify problems. Through documentation of those defects, analysts can create a bug-tracking system and report any issues to web or software developers. Working with those developers closely, an analyst can review software designs and help plan for modifications and improvements. Because this job requires minimal supervision, it fits nicely into a remote work environment so long as the analyst can adhere to aggressive deadlines.

2. Sales representatives, wholesale and manufacturing, technical and scientific products

Jobs that involve telework: 74.8%

Sales representatives of wholesalers and manufacturers possess specialized knowledge about how products and services can best benefit their customers. They also provide price quotes for products and services and generate contracts for purchases and sales. Building relationships is a big part of this job, which is why networking is integral.

Because this job mainly involves communicating with customers and vendors over the phone or email, it is a perfect opportunity for remote work. Representatives maintain relationships with customers and vendors and seek new business opportunities.


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1. Web developers

Jobs that involve telework: 78.2%

A functioning website is necessary for any business, but it takes a unique set of skills to maintain. Understanding the difference between a front-end and a back-end of a site is just one requirement.

Website developers build and maintain the functions and security of a site with regular tests, audits, and improvements. They are also responsible for communicating and coordinating with team members about content, visual presentation, and services provided on the website.

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