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Unlock the power of AI-generated content creation

Dizi is an AI-powered LMS content creation assistant that creates quizzes and lessons in seconds and entire professional-looking courses in just minutes. Turn weeks of research, planning, and lesson-building into a click of a button.


Quizzes in minutes seconds

A standard 20-question multiple-choice quiz can take 5+ hours to create! With Dizi’s quiz generator, you can create one in seconds. Just enter a topic or your source text, click “generate quiz questions,” and edit the results in real-time.

Lessons in hours 1 to 2 minutes

With Dizi’s lesson generator, just enter a topic or your source text, add the activities you want to include, click “generate lesson,” and edit as you see fit. Choose from 12 interactive activities and assessments. And build multiple lessons simultaneously to speed things up even more!


300x faster

than manual efforts

Courses in months under 10 minutes

It takes on average 40 hours to one month to create a basic hour-long course. With Dizi’s course generator, you can create an entire course with professional imagery and multiple lessons in just a few minutes!


$3,000 to 10,000

is the average cost to create just one hour-long course

Get access to over 3 million stock images

No more spending hours searching for the right image. Tovuti comes with 3 million stock images. Add thumbnails, cover images, and in-lesson pictures with a click of a button.


Hundreds of hours

and dollars 💰 with built-in images

Eliminate hours spent on brainstorming and research

Your pain? We understand. This is why we do what we do, and can provide you with an experience like no other.


67% of L&D employees

say limited resources (time, budget, or headcount) prevent them from creating content faster

Create courses in minutes with Dizi, your AI LMS assistant

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