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Build online courses quickly and easily

Create engaging courses in minutes using Tovuti LMS’ interactive modules and built-in, 100% cloud-based course authoring tools


Built-in course authoring software

Create an unlimited number of courses and lessons, without the need for third-party content authoring tools, or any technical knowledge of Javascript/CSS coding, or IT resources.


Interactive content

Add bite-sized interactive content to an existing video to increase learner engagement and retention. Over 40 different types of interactive, social and gamified content.

Unlock the power of AI-generated content creation

Create entire courses in just a few clicks

Create quizzes and lessons in seconds. And entire courses – complete with interactive assessments and images – in minutes.

Import eLearning packages

Reuse existing course content by importing it into Tovuti. We support AICC, SCORM, and xAPI (Tin Can) Packages, PPT and PDF presentations.

Native Mobile

Allow users to learn anytime – from anywhere

Tovuti is both mobile responsive and available as a native mobile application, so your users can learn from anywhere, at any time. Tovuti’s native app is available via the Apple and Google app stores or another channel of your choosing.


Trusted industry leader in multiple categories

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Customize & white label

Tovuti LMS can be customized to your unique processes and branding requirements. Set up multiple brands with unique entry pages and manage from a single portal.


Support you can count on

Tovuti is committed to your success. Leverage our state of the art, in-house ticketing system managed by world-class support engineers, or find answers to your questions using the Tovuti Knowledge Center. You can also become a certified administrator through Tovuti University.


Connect to anything

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Discover why administrators love Tovuti

Increase training completion rates and ROI with a highly customizable, engaging LMS that makes training fun and easy.


FAQs about Tovuti LMS authoring software

What kind of courses can I build in Tovuti?

Tovuti is powerful enough to take on any course material. Build, deliver and track engaging, interactive learning experiences faster and easier than ever before with Tovuti. Organize and reuse your content across different lessons and courses. Manage enrollment and tracking individually or in groups. Go beyond tests and quizzes. Track virtually every way a learner interacts with your interactive course content.

Does Tovuti LMS support content created using other course authoring tools?

Yes. We know that many eLearning practitioners have extensive experience with other technologies, and we remain dedicated to supporting material created using these tools and published to Tovuti.

What types of content formats does Tovuti LMS support?

Tovuti can handle nearly any type of learning object, whether it’s packaged in SCORM, AICC, xAPI/Tin Can or unpackaged slides, videos or text files.

Is Tovuti LMS software secure?

Tovuti LMS safeguards your organization and teams. Tovuti meets the SOC2 Type 2 exam for Security and Availability requirements. We offer end-to-end data encryption, SSO, high availability, redundant data storage, disaster recovery, and more to ensure our infrastructure is reliable and your data is secure.

What accessibility features are included in Tovuti LMS?

Tovuti's learner-interface and experience is 508 compliant. Online learning is for everyone, including those people with disabilities. This is why Tovuti was built with learners with disabilities in mind. Tovuti comes with features such as the ability to add captions and descriptive audio tracks to videos, alt and title tags to images, and compatibility with screen readers.