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What our customers say

Tovuti LMS is a GAME-CHANGER! With absolutely no prior experience operating a LMS, in a few short weeks, I was able to create a fully branded site. Our more than 20 educational courses are now complete with learner tracking and reporting capabilities, e-learning interactive content and virtual classrooms. Tovuti LMS has definitely changed the way our organization engages our adult learners virtually.

It's incredibly simple to use and has the best customer service ever. The course creation process is simple and direct and still it's easy to track course progress for everyone. The calendar features allows users to easily see the forthcoming assessment and when they are due.

Great support staff. Very friendly, helpful, timely and clear communicators. The ability to customize the learning experience for 15+ programs within our company, with specific data collections points, being HIPPA and FERPA compliant and capabilities to build out customized reports have all been pros in using Tovuti.

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