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The best corporate training platforms all have theses in common. See what they are, and get another tool to help you narrow down your choices.

Top traits of the best corporate training platforms

Corporations face a unique set of challenges when it comes to learning and development. And they need a learning management system that is equipped to handle their unique complexities.

Knowing things like these corporate learning management system non-negotiables is helpful when trying to narrow down your choices. But the traits of the best corporate training platforms can give you even more tools to help pick the best one. 

These best corporate training tools can help you refine your search even more

Corporate learning non-negotiables and this ultimate enterprise checklist provide a foundational layer of the basics that you need in a corporate platform. These must-haves are a starting point to ensuring you’ve found an LMS capable of handling corporate needs.

However, knowing the traits of the best corporate training platforms can take you a step further in your search, going beyond just the basics of engaging features, an intuitive interface, and easy-to-use admin functions.

If you’re looking to take your training program to the next level, the following corporate training tools reveal what all of the best platforms have in common – and if you’ve found one.

AI-generative tools

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has made big strides in the learning management industry. And the best platforms will certainly offer some form of AI-generative tool to make creating e-learning content faster and easier.

While not offering AI-generative tools doesn’t make for a bad platform, these tools can drastically reduce the amount of time and money it takes to create courses and other e-learning content.

AI-generative tools can help in various ways such as predictive analytics, admin automation, course development, and more. Though an LMS platform might not have all of these capabilities, even one of these tools can take your training program to the next level.

SOC 2 Type 2 certification

When it comes to the best corporate training platforms, they all prioritize security before anything else. They know that without proper security controls in place, they are putting their clients at serious risk.

A SOC 2 certification demonstrates an LMS’s adherence to system security, platform availability, and customer data processing integrity. A SOC 2 certification has two levels: Type 1 and Type 2.

Though Type 1 is a great indicator of an LMS that prioritizes security, the best corporate training management systems will all have a Type 2 certification. A Type 2 certification is more stringent than a Type 1 certification and signals a company committed to the highest levels of system security, availability, and data protection.

Highly configurable

Oftentimes, businesses have complex ecosystems. They may have large workforces spread out globally. And they may use a number of different platforms and have substantial tech stacks.

The best corporate training platforms will have high levels of configuration, or customization, to accommodate the unique needs of individual businesses. Part of this will include strong integration options like single-sign-on (SSO) and connections with widely-used platforms such as Salesforce, Workday, and others.

Configuration allows admins to automate large parts of their training programs. And the best corporate training management systems will offer a variety of configuration options as well as integrations to create a streamlined, efficient admin and learner experience.

All-in-one content management

Most businesses use a myriad of platforms to connect their employees to their organization. They may use one platform for onboarding. And another like a corporate intranet to house 
everything from past webinars to marketing materials, and other important documents.

Then, they’ll use a system for things like sales enablement or customer service training. And resort to one-off surveys and courses for ongoing training.

The best corporate training platforms will have the ability to create a content repository of all your employee materials. It should be able to store training materials for on-demand access as well as things like one-pagers, past webinars, and other resources that are helpful to employees.

And it should include things like community discussion forums which allow employees to have conversations on topics that can be archived and referred to outside of structured times, serving as an ongoing, valuable resource for other employees in the future.

Having an all-in-one content management system can decrease your tech stack and make it even easier for employees to stay connected to one another and your organization.

Granular data insights

A lot of LMSs may have data reporting capabilities. But the best corporate training platforms will go beyond basic reporting and provide deep data insights.

A typical LMS may show things like course completion dates and times, weak skills areas, and attendance. On the other hand, the best corporate training management systems will go deeper. A best corporate training platform will show you:

  • To the second where learners are most likely to disengage with videos
  • Best and worst-performing content
  • Predictions of learners who are best suited for a promotion
  • Overall program strengths and weaknesses

These deep data insights allow you to make decisions that can greatly impact your training program and overall business success.

Multi-audience training

More than any other type of organization, corporations are likely to have the most amount of audiences to train. Not only do they have internal employees but they also have customers, partners, vendors, contractors, and other stakeholders that need specific training. 
The training you want customers to have will vary drastically from the ones you want partners to have. And this extends to brand experience. You’ll likely want to a different experience for clients versus internal employees.

The best corporate training platform will make it easy to accommodate different audiences. It should allow you to easily provide tailored training and a separate experience for each group through high-customizable branding options and sign-on portals.

Tovuti is a best-rated corporate training management system

Tovuti is a best-rated corporate training management system that reduces the need for third-party platforms – and your tech stack – by consolidating features into one easy-to-use platform. By leveraging Tovuti LMS, you get an experience that’s easy on you and fun for your learners.

With Tovuti, administrators can easily create engaging courses, automate their training program, track their efforts to make effective business decisions, provide tailored learning experiences, and more.

And with the most robust gamified and interactive features on the market, including over 40 plug-and-play gamified features, leaderboards, and virtual classrooms, learners are sure to retain information and have fun doing it!

Discover why Tovuti is the best LMS software


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