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Building on its already impressive suite of content offerings, Tovuti will now offer an enhanced catalog of pre-built, custom, virtual reality (VR), and AI-generated L&D content solutions for customers.

Tovuti Announces New Learning & Development Content Offerings

BOISE, Idaho, March 12, 2024 - Tovuti, Inc., a global, industry-leading Learning Management System (LMS) software and training company, announces the release of its expanded L&D content solutions and catalog.

Tovuti, the #1 rated LMS for SMB, Enterprise, Government, and Federal organizations, has expanded its learning and development (L&D) content catalog.

Building on its already impressive suite of content offerings, Tovuti will now offer an enhanced catalog of pre-built, custom, virtual reality (VR), and AI-generated L&D content solutions for customers.

This expansion aims to help reduce the time-intensive process and administrative burden of creating highly engaging and effective courses. It also aligns with organizational goals to make the process of launching training programs easier and meeting regulatory requirements faster.

“More and more we’re seeing clients who need content immediately or are working with fewer resources,” said Tovuti CEO, Troy McClain. “Maybe they need to comply with compliance standards right now. They don’t have time to wait. Or they just don’t have enough hands to create the courses they envision. Tovuti’s content offerings can help solve that challenge.”

Tovuti customers can choose from a catalog with hundreds of rich pre-built and immersive VR courses on topics ranging from general safety to healthcare, dentistry, compliance, employee onboarding, OSHA, management and leadership skills training, industry-specific training, and others.

Clients can also opt for custom content creation with bespoke, professionally designed mini-games and gamification, animation, illustration, 3-D modeling, live-action video, and more.

And they will have access to Tovuti’s AI-powered content generation assistant, Dizi, which creates entire courses in just minutes – instead of days or months.

"We’re always aiming to stay at the forefront of innovation in learning and development – and that includes content,” said Tovuti Chief Innovation Architect, Jeremy Morris. “No other LMS offers the breadth and depth of content solutions now offered by Tovuti.”

Tovuti’s new content solution options can be added to existing or new Tovuti LMS instances, providing a holistic experience for both admins and learners alike.

“By offering innovative AI tools, rich customization options, and pre-built courses relevant to industries, Tovuti is setting the gold standard for content in L&D,” Tovuti CMO, Tony Arnold said. “There’s really no other course catalog like it on the market.”

An expanded course catalog and content offerings are just some of the latest innovations from Tovuti. Earlier this year, the #1 ranked LMS announced enhanced solutions for government and federal organizations and an expanded partnership with world-renowned life coach, Tony Robbins.

To learn more about Tovuti’s content solutions, please visit https://www.tovutilms.com/expanded-content

Tovuti is a #1 ranked, SaaS learning and knowledge management system. Through AI tools, superior customer service, and gamification, Tovuti makes training on everything from compliance to career development, sales enablement, and more easy on administrators and fun for learners. With clients in more than 20 countries, Tovuti is the LMS choice for hundreds of SMB, enterprise, healthcare, software, government, and federal (FedRAMP) clients worldwide. Tovuti currently operates in North and South America, Australia, Germany, UAE, Europe, and Spain with plans to expand into Japan, Korea, Egypt, and other territories. To learn more about Tovuti, visit www.tovutilms.com.

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