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Our heart and story begin with…

Dora Lynn McClain

Chief Inspiration Mentor / Cleaning Engineer

Tovuti was never intended to be an LMS. It started as a way to empower Dora Lynn, Tovuti CEO Troy McClain’s sister, who is profoundly deaf and developmentally delayed.

For years, the go-getting, Special Olympian wanted to learn skills like driving. But no educational resources existed. So Troy created a program for Dora Lynn that made learning fun and easy.

Through it, Dora Lynn learned how to drive and other life-changing skills that increased her autonomy. Seeing how it helped his sister, Troy knew the platform could help others, and Tovuti was born.

Today, Tovuti empowers thousands of brands and millions of learners worldwide! And true to its founding, people are still at the heart of everything we do. We believe in a people-first employee and company culture. It’s why every Tovutian embodies our values and lives them out daily. We are MOYO at heart and genuinely stand by that.


MOYO: Our guiding principles

MOYO is the heart of Tovuti culture and guides us in all that we do. Four principles make up MOYO to help us live it out every day.


Our motivating goals are to be honest, moral, and ethical. Our team has a sincere and intrinsic drive to inspire innovation in our teams, uplifting each other to accomplish the impossible to best serve our clients with superior outcomes.


The team at Tovuti is just that – a team. We believe that we all have a role to uphold the Tovuti culture, brand, and product. Our team mindset keeps every person accountable, reliable, and responsible for their role in supporting each other. When one of us wins, we all win, and when one of us loses we have the whole team for support. Operating with unity provides family, comradery, and an invaluable oneness within our culture.


Deeply fundamental to our growth is to keep curiosity alive and the elements we learn from early childhood. We regularly encourage our team to re-read childhood classics. We review often the simple qualities that children’s books remind us of – kindness, generosity, curiosity, and belief in one’s ability to create, explore, and stand up for what matters.


We approach problems as opportunities that we can overcome. When a challenge arises, we accept it head-on, confident that as a team we can find the right solutions to overcome. Overcoming means that when a challenge is presented, we have the drive to continue and the creativity to do so successfully.


Tovuti Meaning

Tovuti is an African word that means “heart,” “belly button,” “center of knowledge,” or “core.” The word was chosen because it represents what Troy felt while teaching Dora Lynn. He felt that he wasn’t just teaching, but instead, guiding her from his heart. This idea of guiding someone is the same reason an elephant was chosen to represent Tovuti. Just as an elephant guides another with its tail, Troy felt that’s how he taught Dora Lynn, and how we should educate the world.

MOYO Meaning

“Moyo” is a Swahili word used to describe the heart of one’s character. It means someone has an honorable spirit and is made of ethical, moral fiber. To be “moyo” is to be respected and revered in a community.

Moyo is the heart of Tovuti’s culture. It is our guiding principle in all that we do. Here at Tovuti, we strive to be MOYO in every way — starting within ourselves and extending it to our families, colleagues, product, and customers.

Our Values & Culture


The work of Tovuti starts with our people. Our team is comprised of people who exhibit characteristics that we believe to be unicorns among the masses. This means we get the privilege to work alongside outstanding people as a team. The culture that we curate is a direct reflection of the team’s health and wellness. We work hard to provide a safe, exciting, and inspiring work environment to move our company forward and advance the skills of our people. Prepare to be challenged and expect to grow alongside an extraordinary team.


In short, we base our actions on being honest, moral, and ethical. This looks different for individuals, however, holding yourself accountable to these actions spreads to the way you treat colleagues and clients. At Tovuti, we strive for a culture that praises honesty, even when we make mistakes. Honesty is not based in fear, but rather in accountability to be trustworthy, loyal, and fair. Owning up to our faults provides a safe environment for trial-and-error innovation and fuels the growth of our company.


At Tovuti we always inspire, uplift, and serve ourselves, our team members, and our clients. The daily purpose of our actions is to serve others by uplifting and inspiring their potential. Serving others means we are worthy of reliance and trust in a relationship. Within these relationships, we get the opportunity to serve by uplifting and inspiring. To uplift is to elevate someone morally or spiritually to a positive level or state of mind. To inspire is to fill someone with the ability to do something, especially to do something creative.


Our aptitude for adaptability sets us apart. We always take into account the unexpected and are ready to creatively problem solve to reach our goals. We do this by defining our goals before we create the process to get there. This doesn’t mean we aren’t dependable on sticking to a process – it means we are capable of adjusting strategy if we find that a more effective or efficient way to reach our objectives.


Timely, open, and honest communication is the key to successful teams and bonds. We believe that if you need something, then to say it. Speaking up allows us to remove roadblocks, cultivate ideas, uncover misunderstandings, and confirm beliefs. Our method of communication is three-part – first, we share our appreciation, then our concerns, and finally our solutions.


This fundamental works in two ways. Because our team is comprised of top-tier talent, we always look at how we can best advance. We always look to promote from our own talent pool before we look to hire from the outside. In another sense, we always promote ourselves when we represent our brand to clients. It is important to us that we focus on the services and solutions Tovuti can provide. We never belittle other brands or compare, but rather we promote our experts, ideas, and products.


We believe that a positive mindset is the bridge between can’t and can. We look at the impossible and think “How can we do that?” At Tovuti, we achieve extraordinary outcomes by keeping our minds focused on what we can accomplish. We actively challenge ourselves and each other to keep this mindset as we are tasked with challenges. By encouraging the accountability of positive mindsets, we write blank checks for problem-solving.


Tovuti is a team of problem solvers that always believes there is a solution. The focus of our work is to provide clients with meaningful solutions that work for their Learning Management Software needs. We hold problem-solving as a standard for our own company as well. To identify a problem, we also expect that a solution (or many!) be presented as well. Problems present opportunity for idea cultivation, growth, and innovation.


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