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Training Management

Did you know training has innumerable benefits? From employee retention to productivity and even reduced liability, see how comprehensive training programs benefit organizations.

Give Yourself a Competitive Edge: Training by the Numbers

Employee productivity


85% of new managers don’t receive formal training before becoming managers 6


1 in 3 employees say their organization’s training is out-of-date 7


80% of employees say learning new skills would increase their interest and engagement 8


8 in 10 people say learning provides them with a sense of purpose at work 9

Strong onboarding
        programs are said to
        boost new hire
        productivity by
        over 70%

Revenue growth

Companies with comprehensive training have 218% higher income per employee 8

72% of businesses say they’ve gained a competitive advantage after using an LMS 10

The average ROI for training is $4.53 for every $1 spent 11

Partner programs with training have double the revenue of those that don’t 7

Customer Satisfaction Stats
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